Q: Do you take requests for books/authors?
A: Yes, I do. I can't say that I will read them, but I will consider any request that I receive, and try my best to get the reviews completed.

Q: I am an author that would like to have you review my book. Would you be interested?
A: I always feel so honored when I get this question, and while I would like to say yes to everyone that asks, I cannot. I have a stipulation for the type of genres that I read, and because of this it limits the amount of requests that I can take, BUT this does not mean I would not consider it. Feel free to contact me if this is a question you have.

Q:What are the genres of books that you normally read?
A: I can be very versatile. I like to read many different genres, but within that genre my stipulation is that I don't like to read anything cringe-worthy (e.g. cursing, excessive romance, etc.)

Q: Do you have contests?
A: YES! visit our Contests/Giveaway page for more information on these.

Q: How often will your newsletter be sent out?
A: We will be trying for once a month, but in the very least every two months.

Q: Can I automatically be signed up for giveaways?
A: Actually you can. This is a new feature that we are trying out. By signing up for our newsletter with your email address you will automatically be included in any giveaways that we have.

If you have any other questions please leave them in the comments below, or contact me with the form on the sidebar to the left.

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