Book Review: If I'm Found

The first words that came out of my mouth when I finished this highly anticipated novel were "WOW!"
If I'm Found is set to release March 17, 2017.
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It. Is. Amazing.
If I'm Found is the sequel to the book If I Run released last February. I didn't realize this until after I finished the entire book, which is normally so frustrating to me. (I hate reading books in a series out of order.) But I didn't miss hardly anything.
The book starts out with someone in a car and all you know is that they're covered in blood and that they're running from the law. You don't know if they're innocent, guilty, or if it's a joke, or anything! It's full of mystery and it immediately makes you want to read more and find out exactly why this person is running from the law and switching out license plates with other cars in a parking lot with a coin.
Terri Blackstock does not disappoint.
Casey Cox is running for her life when her boyfriend, Brent, is murdered and her DNA, fingerprints, and herself were all found at the crime scene despite her innocence. In comes Dylan, a private investigator, who was hired by Brent's parents to find the missing, and in their minds, guilty, Casey Cox. The problem is that Dylan knows that Casey is innocent and is trying to find her to help her out, but Casey has changed her identity and moved away.
I don't want to ruin the book for anyone so I will stop with the describing and all, but I will say once again that it is amazing and would be a wonderful book to have.
I will recommend reading the first book, not that I found it completely necessary, there were just a few facts and things that I didn't know until later in the book. I was also a little frustrated that I didn't know it was a second book, which is partly my fault.
I would give this book a five out five star rating. It's that good.
Thank you, Ms. Blackstock for the wonderful read!

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This book was given to me without cost by NetGalley for an honest and complete review.

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