Book Review: Seven Brides for Seven Texans

The seven Hart brothers are in trouble. Adam, Bowie, Travis, Houston, Crockett, Chisolm, and Hays are all looking to inherit a piece of property from their Father, GW Hart, and his sprawling 7heart ranch. With their mother having been dead for 11 years and their Father wanting all of his sons married and with children before he dies he agrees to give each of his sons the inheritance before his death, and at the end of the year, if they all get married before New Years day. With none of them courting this seems like a huge and impossible feat.
I loved this book! I would definitely recommend reading this if you like short stories or not. The problem was that I couldn't put it down!
I liked how each of the characters had their own personalities, character traits, and flaw. I also enjoyed the fact that the stories included other family and facts in them.
One thing I thought was really neat, maybe because I myself live in Texas, is that each of the Hart brothers were named after Historical figures in Texas history.
It really is a great book. I give it a five out of five star rating.

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List of the authors:
Amanda Barratt
Gabrielle Meyer
Erica Vetsch
Susan Page Davis
Lorna Seilstad
Keli Gwyn
Vickie McDonough

I was given this book without cost by NetGalley for an honest and complete review

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