Book Review: Shine Like the Dawn

Title: Shine Like the Dawn
Author: Carrie Turansky
Genre: Historical

No doubt about it...Shine Like the Dawn is as good as the cover looks! Inside its pages is a thrilling adventure of finding a killer, uncovering a blackmailer, and finding unsuspected love.
Carrie Turansky is a new author for me. I haven't had the opportunity to read any of her other novels before now, but I can say with all certainty that I WILL be reading more of them.
It seemed to go a little slow at first. When it finally sped up and reached it full potential it did not disappoint at all!
Margaret Lounsbury is a young lady living in Edwardian England. She is living with her grandmother because of some tragedy that had taken place when she was seventeen. Soon into the book you will find that Margaret, or Maggie, has started to realize that there may have been more to the accident then met the eye.  Also Nathaniel. That's all I need to say. He was the perfect hero. All the way down to his helping her find out the truth.
I would have to give Shine Like the Dawn a four out five star review. It had wonderful characters, a great storyline, and a wonderful plot, I just felt that it took a little long to reach the climax of the story.
All in all Shine Like the Dawn should be shared and recommended like the gem it is. It was released February 21, 2017, and is a pretty new novel.
I know I do this a lot, but can we talk about that cover? (insert heart eye emoji here)
I LOVE it. It is beautiful, and it has just the right amount of uncertainty to keep me interested. Maggie's dress is also a plus. ;)

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If you have read Shine Like the Dawn, or any other interesting titles, and would like to discuss them, please feel free to comment below! I always love hearing from my readers.
I hope this review helped you in deciding whether or not you would enjoy this book!
Until next time...Have a wonderful day!

I was given a copy of this book by CelebrateLit for an honest review. I was not required to give a positive review, that was of my own accord.


  1. Hi Alexis, thanks for featuring Shine Like the Dawn on your blog today. I'm happy to hear you enjoyed Maggie and Nate's story. I loved traveling to England to research this book. I appreciate your help spreading the word!

  2. This sounds like an awesome book!