Book Review: The American Heiress Brides

The American Heiress Brides is another romance collection of nine short stories. I enjoyed some of them very much, but I didn't like the characters in others. I know authors work really hard on getting characters and things right, but a character makes an entire story. For this reason I gave the book a four out five star review.

The first story, written by Lisa Carter,  is about a young debutante, Eugenia Rutherford, who decides she doesn't want to marry for anything but love. After rejecting man after man she takes off on her own adventure with nothing but a trunk and a train ticket. Eugenia ends up in Silver Strike, California. She ends up in the street without any food to eat and no money to spend until a man named Cort hires her to take care of his aging grandmother. This one was my personal favorite just because of its ironic twists and turns that make the story totally unpredictable and fun.

Next up Mary Davis gives us a neat spin with The Reluctant Heiress. It's a story about Victoria Dewitt, whose deceased rich uncle has left everything to Victoria-if she marries a successful man, and stays married, within the allotted time period. After having dinner party after dinner party she realizes that these men aren't what she's looking for in a spouse.
I liked it well enough, but it was a little predictable, and I didn't like her attitude about everything. I liked the storyline and the idea of the concept.

Susanne Dietze writes about Penny, an heiress that's engaged to a widowed, English Earl whom she's never met before. She's okay with the marriage and the idea of being married until she mistakenly meets the Earls brother and falls in love with him.

The next short story is about a lawyer who is working to see a heiress thrown of her title and wealth. After completing the rather nefarious tasks of his employer he falls in love with her and proves her legitimacy. It is written by Anita May Draper.
They're all great stories and you should read the book to find out the plots and other stories of the book. I just wanted to give you a little insight. In short I would recommend this book to someone if they asked, but I would also tell them about my dislikes as well.
If you have any questions, please, let me know below in the comments.

I was given a copy of this book by NetGalley for a complete and honest review.

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