Book Review: A Spring Of Weddings

Book: A Spring Of Weddings 
Authors: Toni Shiloah and Melissa 
Sometimes you read books that you fall in love with, and with reveiwing it's often pretty hard when you read a book and the love just didn't click. Maybe I was being a little to harsh...I don't think I was. I'm not normally like that. I just didn't enjoy myself while reading it. For you, it may be different, but while I read it I couldn't stay enthralled in it like I could other books. 
 A Spring of Weddings  isn't  getting a five star rating from me I am sorry to say. 
I know authors work doubly hard to make sure their readers fall in love with the characters, storyline, and all the other things involved in a book so giving a review that is more negative than positive is something I hate doing. 
The reason for my dislike of this book has nothing to do with the authors and everything to do with the storylines. 
The first short story, A Proxy Wedding, didn't have the oomph to make me fall in love... I had never heard of a proxy wedding before this so I was expecting something different and exciting, but the story seemed too rushed. Meet each other, fall in love, fight, fall back in love, etc... it was very traditional. If you're going for traditional than this storyline is perfect for you. But I get a little tired of the same ol' same ol'. 
The second story, Hope Beyond Savannah, was a little less traditional, but it was also more right before the wedding (they were already engaged). 
One main thing I didn't like about both books was that I learned more about the characters on the pre-read (I can't think of the right word right now...) on the back of the book than I did in my entire reading of the short stories. 
I'm going to have to go with 3 out of 5 stars for this book. Try it for yourself and let me know what your think... maybe I was just judging it wayyyy to harshly. 

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*I was given this book by CelebrateLit in exchange for an honest review.*

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  1. Thanks for being honest in your review. I appreciate it!