Book Review: The Secret Slipper

Author: Amanda Tero
Genre: YA Historical Fiction

New author Amanda Tero has quite a gift. The Secret Slipper is a book that I would recommend for all young girls, and even adults who like a sweet story.
It's 135 pages of a story that is reminiscent of Cinderella. Although a whole lot sweeter, and no Prince Charming.
Lia is a cripple. Her leg pains her all the time and her "Mother," Bioti, works her like a slave despite her injuries. Lia thinks her father is dead. Raoul, her father, thinks his beloved daughter died the same fateful night as her mother ten years ago.
The Secret Slipper is a story of acceptance, mercy, and fatherly love.
The book is short, either that or I just didn't realize how long it took to read it because it was so good! Tero definitely has an aspiring future ahead of her.

I would give the book a 4.5 out 5. It was a wonderful storyline, held my interest until the end, and wasn't too copy-cat of the story of Cinderella that I didn't want to read it. :)
It seems hard to find YA authors that are fresh and without a lot of unnecessary drama or scenes that shouldn't even be appropriate for a young adult to read, and I love that you have no worries with Amada Tero. I love that!

Why not give this book a chance? Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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Thank you all, and have a wonderful day!

I was given this book by CelebrateLit for a completely honest review. All of this review is from opinions I formed myself.

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  1. Hi Alexis! Thank you for your kind words and sweet review! I'm excited what the Lord has for me as an author as well, and reviews like this one encourage me to keep pressing forward! :)